Gold Rush – A Hit Zambian film – campus life

GOLD RUSH is a hit Zambian Film made between January 2012 to May 2012 by Artfilms Zambia and Unzafilms. The executive producer says the movie will be on the market it June 2012. He described the production crew as professional and dedicated to the project. The actors and actresses too are exceptionally good.
Lombe one of the characters in the movie is caught up in a web of campus girls particularly first years. He has made a policy of getting one first year every year. This time, he has picked on a wrong one (Lulu) who is an undercover cop spying on an external guy Kafa before she comes into campus. Danny is a serious monk, roomate to Lombe and chargie standing for good morals and innocence. He treated lombe like a brother but Lombe’s misfortunes fall on him. He is helped by Lulu and undercover cop. Nguzi is a determined and self motivated fresher squatter to Mwaka and later thinks she has Danny a friend but all in vain. Mwaka is a Senior student who can do anything for money even prostitution. She shares similar characteristics with her friends Bupe and Inonge. BUPE too is a senior student who love money too and can also do prostitution as she love clubbing. INONGE is a roomate to Bupe but also a senior student who keep on changing character. When she is with bad girls she behave like them and vice versa. Lulu is a fresher squatting with Bupe. She kills Lombe in the process and the roomies and all the students do not know that she is cop. Muleya (The Orienter) is a senior student but have reservations for ladies with some fear. Thula is a fresher and girlfriend to the Orienter. she is looking for comfort and firm and she ends up in bed with Lombe the player. Kafa is not a student. He is an outside boyfriend to Lulu who is presented to be smart with few steps ahead in thinking. He surprised at the end to see that the girl he had been messing around with all along is a cop. GOLD RUSH is a movie worth watching typical of campus life. If you have intentions of going into college or university, watch this film and see for yourself.


About Sitwe

Sitwe Benson is a citizen of the world based in Zambia. He publishes academically oriented articles.
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